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App Logo & Graphic Identity

scrubd logo-03.png

Keep your social media clean with the Scrubd app.


Logo Iterations

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With companies becoming more culturally sensitive and researching potential hires online, it is more important than ever to keep your profile clean. The Scrubd app allows users to rapidly comb through their social media and curate their content. Unlike content management through the social app when used properly, the Scrubd app allows users to hide unsavory content from future queries, effectively wiping the slate clean.

We were tasked with solidifying the visual identity for this app. We started by hosting a naming and keyword charrette to optimize the message and better appeal to the target audience. Our study led us to rebrand the app, originally named “Wash Your Face App” to  Scrubd. From there, we created a comprehensive brand style guide, including a color system that was eventually used to brand the app interface. The icon and name change helped the development team secure funding from investors to finish the build.

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Scrub'd Brand Manual Alt 1.jpg
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