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-  A Hitch in Time: Video Projects  -

At Black Sheep, we’re fascinated by the concept of storytelling. It's a deeply rooted yet still evolving culture, highlighting a key feature of humanity in our need to transcend time. The idea of capturing a moment and being able to chronicle it is part of what makes us who we are. Stories convey an idea or lesson, learnings from past experience and help us relate to those who are different. Storytelling truly is one of the common threads of humanity.

These projects are close to our hearts because they are home grown. They are products of our own growth and development in filmography and editing. Watching ideas come to life in front of a camera and being able to help our clients create moments that last a lifetime is the core mission of Black Sheep. Whether it’s our own original pieces or commissioned works, we try to bring our unique brand of storytelling to the endeavor. Please enjoy a sampling of our latest works.

-  Promo Video: Johnny Beans  - 

Promo Video for Album Release 


- Beginning Sequence: Fashion Show  - 

Intro Video for Fashion Show based on

concepts from Plato's Allegory of the Cave


-  Demo Reel  - 

A Compilation of Work

2015 / 2017

-  Android  - 

A Short on Artificial Life & Death

2015 / 2017

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