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Syraluna Printed Signage

Simple and Bold Signage for a brand that's here to stay.

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Black Tag 1.jpg

After a successful 3 month stint as a pop-up shop, fashion boutique Syraluna took a big step in opening its first brick and mortar retail space. Previously using a simple text label, our client asked us to conceptualize a logo design for the grand opening.

The logo would need to be versatile, as our client intended on using it for both large format signage and small print clothing tags. Additionally, the design needed to be subtle and understated to not overshadow the clothing itself.

diamond 1-02.jpg
circle 1.jpg

Early Iterations of the Syraluna logo

We opted to design a clean white logo on black background with simple curves and soft lines to create a feminine gesture. The result was a logo that popped from a distance, generating buzz and foot traffic along a busy and competitive retail corridor in Annapolis, MD.

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  • Instagram - Black Circle
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