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An exploration into typography and layout

Ad Astra doesn’t just think outside the box. They speak, sign, and write there too.

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Based in the Washington, DC Metro Area, Ad Astra helps companies, government agencies, and individuals connect through linguistic support in over 200 spoken and signed languages.

Updated Logo. New graphic Identity based on new colors and aestetic

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After operating successfully for over 8 years, Ad Astra commissioned us to assist in analyzing their existing graphic system, and develop a new visual identity. This effort resulted in a robust brand guide including, letterhead, business cards, pop-up display, and other printed and digital assets.

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The graphic identity developed for Ad Astra derived its stylistic qualities from the updated logo. Consideration was taken so that newly crafted designs remain cohesive and easily adaptable. Emphasis was placed on creating clean, functional, and reusable elements. Dashes and other linear elements help to divide and define space; color and other elements establish a distinctive expression across documents and assets. 

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