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An exploration into typography and layout

A Regal look, fit for a Queen

Stacie Young, a repeat client, markets herself as a business owner, travel influencer and linguist. We were asked to create branding materials for this entrepreneur’s budding business. The outcome of this branding exercise had to be something bold, daring, feminine and above all else, pink.


We started with iconic imagery and parsed it down to the most basic; soft lines, color and curves.  The final iteration reflects a strong collaboration, Stacie’s individuality, and a clean timeless design.

stacy b cards copy-8.jpg
stacy b cards copy-1.jpg
p2 mockup a.jpg
hola front.jpg

The Orignial Brand Package

After a few years of operation, Stacie returned to rebrand her tutoring service. While the first design is loud, bright, and reflective of Stacie’s passion for teaching, our second brand package is more muted and reflective of the older audience of students that Stacie found was her core audience. The final design is an evolution of our first brand package, opting for a clean, regal look. 

Business Card 03.jpg
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