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Gift and Supply or G.A.S. was one of the first organizations that we had the opportunity to collaborate with. We came up with the logo based on the some of the ideas that they felt best represented their style and audience.  The final product is an homage to DC where their business is located and smoking culture that encompasses the products they sell. Our goal was to juxtapose the green gas mask, symbols that represent DC and the name of the company.

-  Case Study 3: G.A.S.  -

G.A.S. is one of our favorite emerging brands, allowing its consumers to shop gear, accoutrements, supplies and other smoke paraphernalia from the comfort of their homes. With a revolutionary business model, this marijuana-centric brand is changing the game in the DMV. Blacksheep has been a part of G.A.S. since its inception and has designed everything from the logo, brand identity and photography to unique content and products. It is a great example of a brand we are vested in and continue to grow, nurture and evolve. Be on the lookout for them as they continue to grow and expand.

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